Friday, May 9, 2014


After finally starting to get some serious project in a full week of school with no special schedules, I am starting to see some extreme improvement on my piece. The back of the piece is nearly complete and I am working my way to the front now. I began to cut out secions underneath the chin and above the feet because it is just excess wood that is preventing me from shaping a lot of the features. Next week will be really focused towards the head and front legs area as the school year is starting to come to a close with 2 and a half weeks left. I think I will be able before the year is over and start on something for the summer.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dog project continued

Over the past 4 day week in scultpure, I have been turning my focus toward the back side of the dog. The tail needs to be formed by removing lots of excess wood around it. also, the hip and side leg of the dog needs to match up with his rear. The week was solely devoted to shaping his back, hip and tail. Next week I will be finishing up the tail and start to focus on the side leg and the head. The wood conditioner is still helping a lot as I'm applying it twice a week and allows for much smoother cuts across the grain.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Basswood conti...

This week in Sculpture, I have started to make lots of advances on the piece. As the year is coming to a close in about a month, I need to pick up the pace. I am starting to carve out the hip and leg on the piece and rounding out the back. The Feed n Wax has helped me make much cleaner cuts and smooths the wood out so it cuts much more smoothly. Next week I am going to focus much more on the head and neck area of the piece has I have not really focused on that area at all. This piece is really starting to come together.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bosswood Continued

After another week in Sculpture class, I started to come across some trouble with carving my basswood. Frst off, I injured my finger so that stalled me a few days. Second, the wood was so dry that it was becoming impossible to shape the dog. So I went online and ordered a bottle of "wood conditioning" and it has helped so much and has made the piece look a lot more professional. I am still working on the basic shape and hopefully I am much farther along after next week.

Friday, April 11, 2014


The weeks go on.... This process takes a lot more time than I expected. I really enjoy carving the wood and preparing for how it should turn out in the end. I can start to see the dog shape in the wood more and more after this week. I am still spending lots of time taking off excess wood and until I can start making the details... the piece will not be very interesting to look at. Im starting to define the back right leg and hip and the head is starting to take a circular shape. I'm still working really hard on the piece and after next week you should be able to see much more definition.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Basswood Carving Cont..

Still working on carving my dog :) I am making significant progress on the piece and I am really starting to get a feel for how the basswood should be carved, what angles I need to approach it at, and how much wood should be taken off. The piece is starting to show so features of the final product as his back is starting to round off and his hip is taking shape. I am still in the process of taking off the excess wood, so until that has been done, it is hard to define the features. After next week, the piece should start to take its shape and I will begin to add the texture.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Basswood Continued

Over the past 3 weeks, I have taken a  slight break from sculpture. With mini-mester and Spring break in the way, the only real time that I have had to work on my dog has been this past week. I have started to make some serious formations of the body. I am starting to round off the back to form his tail and now I am just starting on his hip and mid body section. Next week I plan to continue finishing this and then move towards the head and carve out the major chunk on the left hand side. I am still searching for tools in which I will use as the texture for the fur, but I have to be careful in that I leave a little extra to be able to add texture and no let the dog get too small.